Maxi Marine Electric – MME

Unbeatable performance and lifetime economy.

Maxi Marine Electric – is suitable for most marine hot water applications, and is heated either
with the integrated electric INCOTEC immersion heaters, or via an external energy source and the TURBO MARINE SYSTEM with plate heat exchanger (optional capacity) and double sets of pumps for extra operational safety. The electric immersion heaters has customizable effect between 5–250kW, 230-690V. The MME is equipped with thermostats adjustable from 40-70°C as standard. Thermostats 60-90°C is available as option. Please note that if 60-90°C thermostats are fitted the safety valve capacity must be recalculated to safeguard the higher energy output. Always ensure
that the safety valve capacity is sufficient for the total energy output of the fitted heat source
configuration. All configuration is available for customization. Inspection openings available on request.